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Ponderable's Journal

1st October, 2010. 9:23 pm. self pity?

If I read the entries here it looks like I am a man of constant self pity. Hopefully things are better after these years. At least I am more concsious of what is going on.

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9th May, 2010. 8:54 am. Here I am again

actually this is George RR Martins fault. (I would link his Not a Blog if I could remember how to...)
I was eager to comment to one of his posts.

Otherwise a lot has happend in all these years, probably none of those I knew here remembers me, that's fine.

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26th July, 2004. 11:10 am. bicycling with Jonathan

My son Jonathan is a real sportsman. he got a bike for his 8th birthday in MAy and Staurday we took a longer tour (about 40 km). Unlike his big brother he had no problem cycling without complaint. And he even had enough power to play football in the braek we took at the barbecue of my wifes' gospel choir (www.fetz-domino.de).

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21st July, 2004. 12:48 pm. immer wieder

group leader meeting. As boring as ever the real question won't be adressed, and one is told to speak important things with the head of institute, who will almost invariably talk to everybody to bring them on his line...waste of time?

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19th July, 2004. 5:18 pm. canoeing with my son Daniel

My son is a tetraplegic. Thank God not an extreme case and quite intelligent also.

I went with my second son heiko canoeing some time ago. Now Daniel demanded to be taken on a tour also. So we joined the father-child canoe-weekend of our church.

It was a challenge for me, since at all the water falls I had to take him out of the canoe and carry him (canoes are not made to carry wheel chairs.

But Daniel enjoyed the tour immensly and even plans to convince me to join the week tour next year (on that one there are sluices, so it would be easier??)

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9th July, 2004. 10:39 am. talk, talk, talk

the major task @ work is talking just now. A whole lot of organization. Who should do what and when and who is responsible.

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29th June, 2004. 3:18 pm. und es läuft und läuft

bureaucracy is high in Germany, and I feel that the European Union adds a whole laer. There are a lot of new lists to be provided for laboratory work and I am running around counting equipment...

Otherwise a lot of words have to be brought to paper and some publications await their fate. Work as usual for a scientist, I presume.

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23rd June, 2004. 2:15 pm. Helferfest 10th of June

having invited about 60 people to drop in duruing the day we had about 55 between 11 and 1 and about 6 around 3 to 6 and one druing the night.

A lot of left-overs have also been there and one wonders how writers of cookbooks and guides for setting up feste calculate (or what people they invite)

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23rd June, 2004. 2:13 pm. thigs that happen

another meeting and another heap of the sme shit. Why do we meet every fortnight if we talk about the same things over and over?
Is that different in other places? I think it has to be. But with our institute here it seems that talking in circles is not only common, but fine art. If you need somebody being able to do this just order the whole bunch of group leaders of IMVT.

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2nd June, 2004. 3:58 pm. Urlaub!

endlich Urlaub, mal sehen wie weit wir mit unserem Haus kommen.

Und mal shen wie das Helferfest am 10. wird :-))

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